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خلجی، زبان انگلیسی، حقوق

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زبان تخصصی حقوق
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شماره تلفن جهت ثبت نام

طبقه بندی: Legal English Language، وکالت نیوز، اطلاعیه ها، کنفرانس،اجلاس،سمینار،همایش،
برچسب ها: حقوق، خلجی، آموزش زبان، روح اله خلجی، منابع آزمون زبان تخصصی حقوق، انگلیسی کارشناسی ارشد، مرکز زبان تهران،
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?What are human rights

Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, whatever our nationality, place of residence, sex, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, language, or any other status. We are all equally entitled to our human rights without discrimination. These rights are all interrelated, interdependent and indivisible

ادامه مطلب

طبقه بندی: حقوق بین الملل، حقوق بین الملل عمومی، حقوق بشر، Legal English Language،
برچسب ها: حقوق بشر، Human، rights، law، international law، human law، universal law،
[ یکشنبه 26 شهریور 1396 ] [ 12:53 ب.ظ ] [ مدرسه وکالت و تجارت ]

Let us know about Bucerius Law School


Gain international experience and build a global network

What are the relevant legal questions of corporate governance? What principal business and legal issues play a role in cross-border mergers? How should international disputes in commercial relations be resolved—before a court or through arbitration? Would mediation be a better choice?

Explore these questions and boost your expertise in the field of International Business Law this summer! Join renowned academics and practitioners for this intensive three-week course of study at Bucerius, Germany's top law school.

The program is designed for advanced law students and recent graduates wishing to acquire in-depth knowledge in the field of international business law and gain valuable intercultural communication skills by working in small groups with students from different legal backgrounds

Read more here

طبقه بندی: حقوق تجارت بین الملل، Legal English Language، دانشکده های حقوق،
برچسب ها: Bucerius Law School، Law School، corporate governance، international disputes، دانشکده حقوق بوکریس آلمان، دانشکده های حقوق خارج از ایران، Germany's top law school،
[ شنبه 17 تیر 1396 ] [ 10:26 ق.ظ ] [ مدرسه وکالت و تجارت ]


اعطای مدرک مدیریت قراردادها در مؤسسه مدیریت پاکستان

مؤسسه مدیریت پاکستان با 70 سال سابقه ، قدیمی ترین مؤسسه دولتی این کشور است که تا کنون هزاران مدیر را در رشته های مختلف در منطقه جنوب آسیا تربیت نموده است. روح اله خلجی پس از گذراندن یک دوره کوتاه مدت با عنوان مدیریت قراردادها موفق به دریافت گواهینامه این دوره گردید. این دوره که مربوط به تنظیم قراردادها به زبان انگلیسی بود بر اساس قانون قراردادهای بریتانیا مصوب 1878 ، در شهر لاهور برگزار شد.

طبقه بندی: قراردادها و ایقاعات، Legal English Language، شبکه ویدئویی مدرسه وکالت و تجارت،
برچسب ها: مدیریت، قراردادها، مؤسسه مدیریت، گواهینامه، Contracts، خلجی، کلیپ،
[ چهارشنبه 12 مهر 1396 ] [ 09:59 ق.ظ ] [ مدرسه وکالت و تجارت ]

What is Energy Law

Energy Law relates to the laws that govern the use, regulation, and conservation of energy. Energy laws are typically designed to both ensure the safety of energy consumers as well as to provide for increasingly efficient electronics and appliances.

Technology and Energy

As society advances technologically, its energy needs increase, as well. As a result, energy laws are becoming more and more important. Similarly, as new energy sources emerge, such as nuclear and fusion, the laws that apply to energy must combat the issues and dangers inherent in the production and distribution of these types of energy and their underlying technology.

ادامه مطلب

طبقه بندی: حقوق انرژی، Legal English Language،
برچسب ها: Energy Law، حقوق انرژی، حقوق، مالیات بر انرژی، tax laws، energy services، gasoline،
دنبالک ها: منبع،
[ جمعه 1 اردیبهشت 1396 ] [ 10:38 ب.ظ ] [ مدرسه وکالت و تجارت ]

What is Oil and Gas Law

Oil and Gas Law in the United States is the branch of law that pertains to the acquisition and ownership rights in oil and gas both under the soil before discovery and after its capture, and adjudication regarding those rights.

The law regulating oil and gas ownership in the U.S. generally differs considerably from laws in Europe because oil and gas are often owned privately in the U.S. as opposed to being owned by the national government in numerous other countries. In the U.S., extraction of oil and gas is by and large regulated by the individual states through statutes and common law. Federal and constitutional law do apply as well.

ادامه مطلب

طبقه بندی: Legal English Language، پایگاه مقالات حقوقی، حقوق نفت و گاز، حقوق انرژی، حقوق تطبیقی،
برچسب ها: Oil، Gas، Law، Oil ownership، Oil and Gas Law in the United States، US federal law، حقوق نفت و گاز در امریکا،
[ دوشنبه 14 فروردین 1396 ] [ 12:50 ب.ظ ] [ مدرسه وکالت و تجارت ]

راهنمای شرکت در آزمون آیلتس

به قلم روح اله خلجی

کلیک کنید

چاپ شده در:
فصلنامه قانون، شماره 12 ، پائیز 1395
صص 29 تا 34

طبقه بندی: پایگاه مقالات حقوقی، Legal English Language، خدمات آزمون های حقوقی، منابع آزمون های حقوقی،
برچسب ها: آزمون آیلتس، آمادگی برای آزمون آیلتس، آیلتس چیست؟، IELTS، چگونه برای آیلتس بخوانیم، همه چیز درباره آیلتس IELTS، مدرک آیلتس،
[ جمعه 2 فروردین 1398 ] [ 06:25 ق.ظ ] [ مدرسه وکالت و تجارت ]

دوره مدیریت قراردادها

مؤسسه مدیریت پاکستان
Pakistan Institute of Management PIM
شعبه لاهور

کشور جمهوری اسلامی پاکستان در تاریخ 1947 میلادی تاسیس گردید. دولت پاکستان برای تربیت مدیران خود یک مؤسسه آموزش عالی را زیر نظر وزارت صنایع این کشور در سال 1954 میلادی راه اندازی کرد. مؤسسه مدیریت پاکستان در سه شهر لاهور، کراچی و اسلام آباد شعبه دارد که دفتر مرکزی آن در کراچی است.
این نهاد آموزش عالی که قدیمی ترین مؤسسه آموزش عالی دولتی در پاکستان است در رشته های مختلف دوره های مدیریتی برگزار می کند. تصمیم گرفتم برای آشنائی با آئین نگارش قراردادها به زبان انگلیسی دوره مدیریت قراردادها را بگذرانم. آنچه در این دوره آموزشی تدریس شد بر اساس قانون قراردادهای بریتانیا مصوب 1872 بود.

Rouhollah Khalaji, Pakistan Istitute of Management

ادامه مطلب

طبقه بندی: قراردادها و ایقاعات، حقوق تطبیقی، Legal English Language، وکالت نیوز، گالری (عکس،فیلم،صدا)،
برچسب ها: Contracts Management، لاهور، مدیریت قراردادها، پاکستان، حقوق بریتانیا، مؤسسه مدیریت، حقوق قراردادها،
[ جمعه 2 فروردین 1398 ] [ 01:17 ق.ظ ] [ مدرسه وکالت و تجارت ]
[ سه شنبه 30 آذر 1395 ] [ 12:35 ق.ظ ] [ مدرسه وکالت و تجارت ]

A Preamble on Iran`s Oil and Gas Penal Law


By Rouhollah Khalaji


MA in Corporate Law


Shahrekord University

Presented at the International Academic Conference on Social Sciences

July 2014

Elite World Hotel Istanbul, Turky



In 2012, the Guardian Council of Islamic Republic of Iran has affirmed a law that contains issues with regard to recognition of the penal liability of the public legal entities. Accordingly, the criminal law of oil and gas industries entered into the country’s legal system. Since this law has commercial, industrial, economic and penal aspects, it might be said that would be covered by the commercial penal branch of the law. From Industrial and technical perspective, oil and gas crimes are divided into crimes related to oil and gas and crimes against them. Based on the time of crimes, they are divided into three categories: discovery-related, production-related and distribution and sale-related. The most significant basis for Iran’s penal law of oil and gas is the Act of Protection of the Oil Industry against Disruption and Damage and the New Islamic Penal Law, section Ta’zir. By comparing the Act to the article 19 in the New Islamic Penal law, this article attempts to examine the various aspects of the oil-related crimes including the substantial dimension of those crimes as well as their most important cases. Finally the article highlights the significance of theoretical and applied studies in this legal field and solutions for oil-related crimes.


Crimes Related to Exploration and Production Stages; The Oil  Industry  Against  Disruption and Damage; Penal Liability of Legal Persons; Crimes Related to Oil and Gas; Crimes against Oil and Gas; Oil Facilities.


طبقه بندی: حقوق انرژی، حقوق نفت و گاز، حقوق کیفری نفت و گاز، حقوق جزا و جرم شناسی، کیفرشناسی، پایگاه مقالات حقوقی، Legal English Language،
برچسب ها: penal، criminal، penal liability، Oil Industry، Exploration and Production، Oil Facilities، Oil Crimes،
[ پنجشنبه 1 بهمن 1394 ] [ 06:06 ب.ظ ] [ مدرسه وکالت و تجارت ]

تصویر گواهینامه پایان دوره آمادگی آزمون آیلتس

دانشجو: روح اله خلجی

Issued by
British Council

KL- Malaysia

English Language Achievement Certificate

طبقه بندی: Legal English Language، گالری (عکس،فیلم،صدا)،
برچسب ها: English Language Certificate، IELTS، Rouhollah Khalaji، British Council، آموزش زبان، Learn English، Language،
[ شنبه 28 آذر 1394 ] [ 05:28 ق.ظ ] [ مدرسه وکالت و تجارت ]

چکیده انگلیسی پایان نامه روح اله خلجی

مقطع کارشناسی ارشد حقوق شرکت های تجاری
دانشگاه شهرکرد

The Civil Liability of State-owned Oil Companies

in Iran's Legal System

with a Perspective to the Regulation of France


Rouhollah Khalaji

MA in Corporate Law




In Iran’s law system, like many other oil producing countries, oil and gas upstream activities are exclusive to government. Many national or state-owned oil companies are engaged in this type of activities. In addition, there are other state-owned oil companies that alongside private sector are engaged in downstream activities. The state intervention in oil and gas activities increases the risk of various industrial, environmental and marine, economic and social damages. Such damages can establish civil liability for state-owned oil companies. The governmental nature and its oil business field are the two characteristics that distinct the state-owned and nonstate-owned oil companies, on one hand, and have effects in selecting the civil liability foundation and the compensation procedure, on the other hand. In this research, the main question; which is civil liability of state-owned oil companies has been explained, followed by defining the necessary concepts in oil and gas industry from legal perspective. The foundations of civil liability of the state, the state-owned company and state-owned oil companies have been discussed in details and the important attributes of oil damages have been divided. Although in the process of this research it has been tried to emphasize on Iranian legal system, in any cases that it was possible to adopt a comparative perspective of French law, that comparative approach had been considered. However, in addition to theoretical perspective on French law, it has been tried to employ field survey to study the activities of TOTAL Oil Company- a multinational company which is governed under domination of French Government policies.



 Oil & Gas, State-owned Oil Companies, Iran’s Legal System, Civil Liability, Upstream activities, Compensation, Environment, French Law


طبقه بندی: حقوق شرکتهای تجاری، حقوق انرژی، حقوق نفت و گاز، حقوق عمومی، حقوق تطبیقی، پایگاه کتاب های حقوقی، Legal English Language،
برچسب ها: Oil & Gas، Civil Liability، Compensation، Environment، comparative Law، multinational company، Total Oil Company،
[ شنبه 12 دی 1394 ] [ 03:27 ب.ظ ] [ مدرسه وکالت و تجارت ]
[ یکشنبه 31 خرداد 1394 ] [ 02:49 ب.ظ ] [ مدرسه وکالت و تجارت ]
[ شنبه 30 خرداد 1394 ] [ 11:16 ق.ظ ] [ مدرسه وکالت و تجارت ]

A Legal Analysis of the Supervision of the Supreme Court

on the President in Iranian Political System

Authors: Meysam Musapour; Rouhollah Khalaji

International Research Journal of Applied and Basic Sciences

Available at www.irjabs.com

ISSN 2251-838X / Vol,6 (8): 1153-1160

Click here


In dynamic system of checks and balances of various legal structures, three powers review each other aiming equilibrium. Although judiciary treats its influence on legislature and executive through judgeship, its appraisal bears political counsel and discretion. In Islamic Republic of Iran legal system, with regard to Article 57 of the Constitution which is based on the theory of strict dominion of Supreme Leader, three main powers perform their legal obligations under his surveillance. Paragraph 10 of Article 110 of the Constitution has admitted one of his authorities which is the President dismissal,...Click here

ادامه مطلب

طبقه بندی: Legal English Language،
برچسب ها: Political Review، Download Article، Supreme Court، Judicial Review، checks and balances، Iranian Political System، Dominion،
[ جمعه 29 خرداد 1394 ] [ 01:12 ب.ظ ] [ مدرسه وکالت و تجارت ]

Date : 29/11/2014

 Session |||

9:20 - 9:40 AM

University of Barcelona

 Congress Scheduling
- Page 9

Pseudo-swap in Oil Sales Process

Full Name of Author: Rouhollah  Khalaji

International Trade Law Scholar

MA Corporate Law

Shahrekord University, Iran. Mailbox: 115

Tracks: International Business; Oil & Gas Law

3rd World Congress of Administrative & Political Sciences

Oral Presentation

University of Barcelona


28-29 Nov 2014


Oil swap refers to the non-deterministic oil sales. Based on the mentioned method, state-owned oil companies or transnational oil corporations exchange oil or gas in one border and then sell the same amount or value of gas or oil to the other customers or partners in a different border. Nowadays, oil deals through swap contracts are considered as a common sort of dealing in international trade contract law.

In contrast, oil pseudo-swap is not a kind of back to back deal and it ends to deterministic oil sales which don’t have any contractual balances. Legally speaking, oil pseudo-swap is a kind of economic crime which may happen during oil & gas international sales. Although swap dealings are daily done in oil pseudo-swap process, the state-owned or transnational oil corporations receive low amount of profit as swappers. By the way, it should be said that these companies are busy doing money laundering in oil swap process.

This paper tends to clearly define oil swap contracts based on international trade law, and wants to demonstrate to its readers the illegal nature of oil pseudo-swap process and is willing to count its disadvantages toward the international oil sales.

Keywords: Oil swap, Oil pseudo-swap, Oil crimes, Oil deals, Administrative corruption.



Related sites:



طبقه بندی: Legal English Language، کنفرانس،اجلاس،سمینار،همایش،
برچسب ها: Pseudo swap، Oil Swap، University of Barcelona، Oil Sales، Oil deals، international trade law، Oil and Gas Law،
[ جمعه 4 دی 1394 ] [ 02:09 ب.ظ ] [ مدرسه وکالت و تجارت ]

Àrbūn & Recognizance in Real Estate Transactions


Author: Rouhollah Khalaji

Email: www.rkz.ir@gmail.com


       Àrbūn is a  kind  of  earnest-payment which has a recognizance nature and can be payed  by buyers in both real estate deals  and lease contracts in Islamic civil law. Actually   this   contract  was  common in early Islamic history. In this research we will observe Àrbūn from historical and jurisprudential points of view, i.e. we will quote all Islamic schools opinions on this issue. Since the nature of this type of contract is not explicit for most of the lawyers and Islamic jurists, we will assess its nature and validity from legal point of view. We will also compare the Àrbūn transaction with international contracts and real estate deals made in Iran. The corner stone of this observation is to evaluate correctness of recognizance in real estate transactions. Finally we will suggest a basically valid and correct sort of prepayment in bills of sale from Shiite jurisprudential view.



               Àrbūn ,  Recognizance,  Down-payment,  Bill of Sale, International Contracts


طبقه بندی: حقوق قرارداهای تجاری، حقوق مدنی، قراردادها و ایقاعات، Legal English Language،
برچسب ها: Recognizance، Bill of Sale، International Contracts، real estate transactions، Shiite jurisprudential، Payment، Islamic Civil Law،
[ سه شنبه 3 آذر 1394 ] [ 06:45 ب.ظ ] [ مدرسه وکالت و تجارت ]
[ سه شنبه 10 تیر 1393 ] [ 06:54 ب.ظ ] [ مدرسه وکالت و تجارت ]
[ دوشنبه 8 اردیبهشت 1393 ] [ 06:20 ب.ظ ] [ مدرسه وکالت و تجارت ]
[ پنجشنبه 21 فروردین 1393 ] [ 01:00 ق.ظ ] [ مدرسه وکالت و تجارت ]
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درباره تارنما


سحرم دولت بیدار به بالین آمد
گفت برخیز که آن خسرو شیرین آمد
قدحی درکش و سرخوش به تماشا بخرام
تا ببینی که نگارت به چه آیین آمد


آزادی بیان و ارائه فکر و عقیده از حقوق طبیعی هر انسان است.
این تارنما را ایجاد نمودم
تا آنچه از حقوق و تجارت در ذهن دارم
از عرصه اندیشه به میدان قلم بیاورم.
لذت تجارت به حدی است که فلسفه و سیاست روح مرا تعالی نمی دهد.
تجارت پایه و اساس
سعادت و خوشبختی هر جامعه است.
محمد بن عبدالله (ص) فرمود :
«اگر نان نبود،
ما نماز نمی خواندیم و روزه نمی گرفتیم».
تجارت را برگزیدم
تا دل و دین و دنیا نیز با من باشد.

روح الله خـلـجی


Le régime juridique de l'Iran droit beaucoup à celui de la France. Le droit civil, le droit du commerce, le droit public, les notions utiles et fréquentes du droit pénal ainsi que les jurisprudences de la cour suprême de la France ont toujours été utilisés comme des modèles pour les juristes, les législateurs et les juges iraniens. L'école de droit et des affaires essaie d'introduire les lois et les jurisprudences françaises et promouvoir ainsi l'influence du régime juridique français sur celui de l'Iran
Rouhollah KHALAJI
Avocat et conseiller juridique

دوره های درسی روح اله خلجی